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Household of Faith Ministries
Gene and Zella McPherson
3270 Eaglebrook Rd.
Christiansburg, VA 24073
(540) 381-3776


We have always felt our call to the Body of Christ is to promote their faith (Titus 1:1). Many times promoting one's faith requires eliminating confusion over and misunderstanding about the Scriptures through the gift of teaching. The Lord has given us the ability to teach His Word with simplicity and to enable others to take those lessons and apply them to their daily lives, resulting in a life filled with victory. Currently, we are in full-time ministry. We are in campus ministry at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA, where we teach weekly Bible studies and host outreaches to students. We are also members of a local church, where we are involved in and lead the Singles' Ministry. Any and all donations to Household of Faith are tax-deductible.
We are also available by e-mail for your specific prayer needs. Please feel free to e-mail us your prayer requests, testimonies, and praise reports about the goodness of God in your life! Our address is We look forward to serving you!


There are three particular messages the Lord has given us for the Body of Christ at this time. Two are in the form of teaching tapes, and one is a book we have published. Also listed is Zella's personal miraculous testimony tape! Our products are:

JOB'S PAIN...OUR GAIN: the story that's never yet been told
In this brief book, we share a revelation of what God was accomplishing through Job. It wasn't to teach him how to endure hard times or to make him stronger. In fact, it wasn't to teach him anything, nor was it to test him. Rather, Job's suffering was for OUR benefit! Many who have read JOB'S PAIN...OUR GAIN have reported their lives being miraculously changed by understanding that Job's suffering was not an example to follow, but instead an example of exactly what they had been redeemed from! If you've had questions or confusion about suffering, persecution, or trials, then this book is a MUST READ for you!
Price: $5 (includes shipping & handling)

This teaching tape will help you walk in the blessings and victory the Lord desires for you as you learn the key to the treasure. Isaiah 33:6 calls the fear of the Lord the key to the treasure of deliverance, as well as Jesus' own treasure! (See NIV and Ampliphied). To have the key, you must understand what the Bible says about the fear of the Lord. It's not being afraid of God, and it's not just reverencing or being in awe of God. The Scriptures are very clear about what the fear of the Lord is and how it will deliver you from adverse things in your life, causing you to be free! It will help and bless you!
Price: $5 (includes shipping & handling)

This tape teaches you how to increase the fruits of righteousness in your life, or should we say, the benefits that belong to the righteous, which are those in Christ Jesus. You know you can't increase your righteousness, because it's Jesus' righteousness in you, but you can increase the harvest of blessings and good things that belong to you because of that righteousness! This unique teaching will excite you and show you how to employ this revelation in your life!
Price: $5 (includes shipping & handling)

This tape, complete with picture, shares God's healing power and His faithfulness to His Word! An automobile accident left Zella looking like a freak, but God by His Word restored her to normal with no surgery! A real encouragement to any who need a miraculous healing!
Price: $5 (includes shipping & handling)

These materials are made available to you because we believe they will help you or someone you know and love.

* Please make checks payable to: Household of Faith Ministries *


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